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Over the last five years I have been blogging on food and drink on a simple platform on Google’s Blogger www.chefsambrano.blogspot.com, the information on this blog ranges from recipes, industry trends, and local restaurants on Maui. Sometimes I’ll ask a visitor where they are from, and ask them to tell me where to eat if I ever visit their hometown. And when they give me that info, I’ll Yelp it or Google it, and make an entertaining write up. I also place cooking videos on Youtube as stand alone blog posts, since Youtube is driven by Google. Currently my blog has over 331,000 views, and when it is connected to Facebook and Twitter, there’s a possibility that hundreds of thousands may view a post.

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Author Ronald Sambrano ™  2016 Maui Is FD! 

NEW Book by Ronald Sambrano!

His take on Maui Social ills, policies and what not to do in this ever expanding, non linear reality of fucked up shit that goes on behind paradise! 

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I’ve produced a home grown local cooking show with myself as the talent (chef), writer, director. With various associates have produced over 50 shows. Each show featured different things, cooking, meeting different chefs, and cooking for special guests that were the who’s who of Maui. Top business people, artists and politicians have been guests.  



Let me show you the power of CONTENT BLOGGING!
Content is king in this age of Internet and Social Media. 


Video blogging is a crucial part of the process. Many businesses fail to realize the value of a good video presence on the internet. Potential clients are more willing to trust a business or service by seeing visual content of their establishment.

Lahaina, Maui

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